An “easy” day

Bristol to Hereford

Well, that’s us finished the first of our rest days, only intending to clock up 50 odd miles as we take it easy on ourselves – it’s a shame we’ve not yet managed to hit 70 miles in a day which should be our average – there’s a lot of miles waiting for us!

Today was a lot more touristy though, much of the day spent on cycle paths, a trip over the Severn bridge into Wales (welsh cakes with jam, in case you wondered), then up the picturesque Wye valley to Hereford, as you can tell from the picture of the picnic spot Pete proudly found, you can also see the elephant hooter on his bike – a birthday present to mark the start of the trip.

The days are beginning to meld into one, with us getting into the rhythm of waking early, warming the legs back up in the first few miles, then into the cycle of gradually dropping gears as the hills take their toll and the legs complain, then shifting back up once the hill has been beaten. Each county border signifies the time for a group shot, and it seems as though every other mile means a pee stop for Mel. Combine that with wearing the roughly the same clothes all the time (occassionally washed), and it’s all flying past!

Pete’s thought for the day:

As you peddle across this fair isle your mind tends to wander (occasionally brought back to reality with a pot hole). Many subjects have entered into my mind, such as why are all tins of tomatoes in the supermarkets dented, but mainly what an amazing invention the bicycle is. Basically someone has made an invention that can transport a human using their own power over incredible distances. Now to think 4 days ago we were in the furthest south western corner of the UK and we are now in Hereford in the midlands. Now if was to do this journey without a bike. I might have got as far as Devon. So here’s to the guy that invented the bike whoever he is, I salute you but my bum does not.

Anyway today’s riding was lovely, along cycleways and the Wye valley all very pleasant really, almost like a holiday in fact.

Before I sign off and an answer to Bex and Jim’s question and gear top tip is merino wool cycle tops, I have two. They are amazing, can wear for three full days cycling and still smell really rather pleasant (I beg to differ, although it could be his shorts actually – Simon). Conventional cycle tops, one whiff and shortage of breath and face contortion ensues.

Anyway bye for now, slumber awaits

2 Responses to “An “easy” day”

  1. Chris A says:

    Careful down the back lanes in Hereford lads and ladess, the SAS might be out practising and use that elephant as a big game hunting exercise!

  2. Richard says:

    You will have to pedal faster than this drop in at the SAS camp and get some severe training done, less cream cakes and ale and more heavy breathing, get your back into it