A world away

Hereford to Shrewsbury

Well, contrary to requests in the comments, we haven’t been to the SAS camps, and in fact have had yet another easy day. That said, it was treated like a training day, and in preparation for the longer days we’ve hardly stopped, clocking up the miles while our minds wander and also managed a healthy speed all the way in.

It’s all been getting to Mel, not the actual cycling, that she can cope with, but at breakfast she managed to pour her tea into a cereal bowl, then attempted to fill her cereal with sachets of milk from the tea. The Wards have also come up with some interesting team tactics, well when I say “team”, Mel tucks in behind Pete’s slipstream so Pete has the brunt of the wind (although that is normally the case anyway ;-), it’s quite a sight to see the Ward train rolling along the road.

So, we’ve made it to Shrewsbury, where Pam & Paul are looking after us very well, taking us on a tour of the town, and giving our clothes a good wash after we’d peeled them off. There’s some tough days ahead, but as Pete and I sit here in our bath gowns and slippers, feet up, waiting for the takeaway, it’s all a world away..

Pete’s thought for the day:

Now I am happy to admit I am a bit of a weather nerd. I watch the forecast on any medium possible and know what the weathermen are called (I like Rob Mcelwee, just on the right side of mad). So as you can imagine I have been studying the weather with some relish over the past week and every time I checked it has been good news. Except tomorrow is forecast rain (typical as we cycle into the north of England) so how will this effect our somewhat smooth progress, I will let you know tomorrow.

Anyway today was canny, only 53 miles mostly pretty scenery and quiet roads, though the A49 is off my christmas card list with its huge lorries, tight corners and impatient drivers.

Wigan awaits tomorrow, what a strange holiday we are on. First of all going to Wigan on holiday and secondally getting there via penzance and cycling the rest of the way, how odd.

3 Responses to “A world away”

  1. Caroline says:

    Are you sure you haven’t just ‘staged’ a few cycling photos and then sneaked off to a health spa? All this talk of ‘easy’ – it is supposed to be hard work! Get your backs into it!! ;0

  2. Chris A says:

    Wave as you go past my old house in the Northwich area. Your pretty much guaranteed to get wet Pete – you are approaching Manchester after all!

    Keep grinning, almost done!

  3. Richard Waddell says:

    Hi All
    a bit later this evening have been doing a bit of stripping today wallpaer that is. You have made good progress keep it up wet suits and flippers tomorrow typical oop norf weather.
    Tea in the cornflakes ugh what did it taste like.