The return of the wee braes!

Carnforth to Brampton

Weary. That was the word going through my head as the end rolled into sight today. Despite eating many a snack, including food du jour of Kendal mint cake, to keep the energy levels high, the sight of a hill looming was enough to drain any spark from my legs. But, I reckon the key to the low energy level was a lack of pies today (what was I thinking!), so I’ll be sure to stock up before tomorrow’s ride into the wilderness of the Borders.

In reality, it was a glorious ride today, up past Kendal then sandwiched between the scenic peaks of the Lake District to the west, and Pennines to the east. Mainly passing along lush green pastures with cows looking suspiciously as 4 luminous humans fly past. From one hill top we could see for miles, with the dark rain clouds looming overhead and dumping rain over various parts of the countryside in front of us. Taking our time to give the rain time to go away seemed to work a treat, and we only had the odd dousing as we tackled the undulating braes.

We’ve also now passed halfway point of the trip, as well as having climbed the equivalent height of Everest, let’s see if Scotland can add another one to the total!

Pete’s Thought for the Day:

Today’s been a bit of stat attack. First of all and most impressively we have now climbed 30,000 feet, yes that’s the height of Everest. Also we have done it without oxygen and sherpa’s (though could have done with the oxygen on occasion, in fact to come think of it sherpa’s would be quite handy too). We have also gone over half way, 530 miles in fact, now that’s a fair old distance, if my arse could talk (yes, yes I can imagine some of you think its quite chatty already) it would have quite a tale to tell. Actually the latest news with bumgate is all is well, the Vasoline has worked its magic, it was touch and go there for a while mind you.

Anyway today’s ride was rather a fine one, travelling north through Cumbria admiring the views, dodging the rain clouds and cursing the hills. Yes LEJOG showed its claws once again today after the easy flat stuff of the last few days.

Finally would just like to say a huge thanks to all those who have left comments on the blog we really appreciate it. It makes us feel kind of warm and cuddly inside, that people care enough to read the blog and especially send comments, keep it up people.

Well bonny Scotland tomorrow, mm will have to try and pay for everything by card so I don’t get any Scottish notes and get treated like a fraudster if I try and use them back home.

3 Responses to “The return of the wee braes!”

  1. Cat Wilson says:

    You’re doing fantastically! I can’t believe you’ve peddaled all the way back to Scotland (whilst climbing Everest!). Glad to hear that the pies are making a come-back; they’ll keep you on course. The blogs ace – it feels like I’m riding with you (albeit without doing any of the work, so think of my as being in one of those bicycle side car things). Can’t wait to read about the Scottish leg. Good luck! Cat x

  2. paul says:

    Well, well, well an hour and a half solid rain – how did you all cope. Rain jackets were only donned on our trip when it rained so hard that it was hurting! Hats off to you lot and your sunshine tour. Mel looks like she is developing cycle muscle definition in those legs and is finally getting some use after marrying the slip steam kid. Sorry not to come and join you guys on Saturday but in my defence nobody wants to tarvel to Wigan and I also had the chance of seeing the mighty Leeds United put premiership opposition in the form of Wolves to the sword 3-1.

    Agree with the scottish notes situation. I managed to pass off my last one in Dumfies Morrissons just before crossing the border – they even questioned the validity of the notes. Any way I am now part way to being a Bikeability officer and will be testing you on your left and right turns upon your return. Good luck with the rest of the trip the top end is noce and flat compared to your encounter with Dartmoor.

    Good luck


  3. richard says:

    Hi All
    Welcome back to bonnie damp Scotland, the hills will be alive with sound of groaning I bet when you hit the big ones further north, still the fibres in the legs should be well and truly broken in by now and the backside well calloused, so you shouldnt suffer too much.see you tomorrow afternoon
    ride safely