The idea of renting a moped never really escaped my mind since yesterday, and despite the rental guy bringing out a peach moped with rather fetching basket on the front, I was raring to go. Thankfully an automatic, all I had to do was sit on, twist the throttle and go! Looking a little out of place as I was about the only person wearing a helmet, I whizzed up and down the roads, getting enough practice in until I felt safe enough to take Caroline as a pillion. Together we did an unintentional tour of the island, only managing to stop a couple of times, either because our map was bad, or we missed the signs that were all in Thai. Still, we had a stop at a Buddhist temple and a nonexistent waterfall before returning to the hotel. We had spotted an Italian restaurant with free WiFi (what else do you need?!), and were about to be so Italian by turning up for a pizza on a moped when the sky turned black and we were treated to a tropical downpour, good job the hotel restaurant is good!
Caroline’s update: After that stressful pillion ride (it was actually not too bad if I tried not to think of the number of accidents I had read about or the number of people I had seen with obvious moped style injuries!) what better way to unwind than another massage. I decided to try a Thai massage this time not realising that I was actually signing myself up for being poked, prodded, pulled, kneed, stood on, punched, slapped and having all my bones cracked! By the end I was left wondering if I’d been given a massage or been beaten up, especially since it ended with some vigorous blows to the back of my head! I think I’ll stick to the relaxing oil massages you get on beaches in the future.
P.S. Apologies for the influx of posts, there’s been a lack of internet!

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  1. Yay! You’re back!
    I was beginning to worry about the silence seeing as the last I’d heard of you was your snorkelling trip in shark-infested waters!! So I’m super-pleased that you’re still in one piece and having an ace time. Looking forward to seeing you again soon 🙂

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