Rude awakenings

The good thing about having a travel agent book everything for your 10 days in India is obvious: you don’t have to do it yourself. The flip side is that you don’t get much say in when your train leaves, which in this case was about 5 am. The hotel guy reckoned we needed to get a taxi by 4 am, and although we thought an hour was a tad too much time we duly stumbled down to reception, only to find the same guy still asleep. After another half hour kip we easily caught the train, and even had a sunrise as the train left.
With a few hours to kill in Delhi before the next train we wandered markets and came to the realisation that even if you get the sellers to drop their prices to reasonable levels, the merchandise isn’t amazing, and we may have difficulty refilling our bags after posting so much back, and disposing of our now very tired looking clothes.
It was dark before we arrived in Rishikesh, a village we were told was at the source of the Ganges (Ganga) River, but going by the size and ferocity, there’s a lot more river before it. The village is also a world famous Yoga centre, not that we needed any help to relax after such an early start!