Back to Delhi, just…


364 days without a hitch, and the start of the journey home… Damn it, spoke too soon!
The plan, which didn’t even sound great on paper, was to get up at some ungodly early hour (again), and be driven to the first train (again), and arrive back in Delhi for some final afternoon sight-seeing. Unfortunately, it all fell apart at the first hurdle, with the taxi not actually picking us up.
Maybe it was all the relaxation over the past few days, maybe we’ve become seasoned travellers, or maybe we knew it was pretty much out of our hands, but we were surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing. A phone call to the travel agent, and another taxi was organised, this time, all the way back to Delhi (a stonking 9 hour drive!) Still, we had time to have one last wander around Rishikesh before spending the afternoon, and most of the evening in the back of a taxi, listening to the almost constant beeping horn, and weaving in and out of the cows traffic. On the bright side, by the time the taxi driver had asked half of Delhi where our hotel was, we were glad we had spent most of the evening in a taxi, as the hotel wasn’t really up to much (although the cockroaches seemed to like it…). Still, we were back on schedule!