Time waits for no man, and our holiday rolls on. We boarded the packed fast “ferry” early in the morning, and wondered what the driver was thinking as he loaded more and more passengers on before turning for the main land. The boat had a definite list to one side, which normally wouldn’t have bothered me apart from the fact my bag was perched at the back, ripe for dropping into the blue abyss. Half an hour of thoughts about life with out the contents of that bag followed (it’d actually be not so bad travelling light!) before we docked at Kuala Besut, and literally had no firm plans beyond the next minute. The rough plan was to get to another island, and an hour in a share taxi with the surliest taxi driver ever got us to the next big town so that we could book our passage to Redang Island. By that afternoon we were back at the beach, very similar to the Perentian Islands, just a tad more developed (but that does mean nicer rooms…) We got back to snorkelling around again, except this time through the misty water came the definite outline of a shark! Good job it was only about 18 inches long…

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  1. I was going to text paying what you up to! Caught up with you now. Sounds like you’re still having fun. Make most of time left. X x

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