All aboard, hang on!


The first full day of being a tourist! Spent most the day walking around the city (feet did not appreciate that!) Following the wise advice of guide books we got the cable car in town, avoiding the queues at the wharf. The ride was fun and quite smooth, even though the driver warned us to hang on everytime we set off, and there was only one of those classic San Franciscan hills as you’d expect from the movies.
The bus driver on the way home was a cheerful chap, and to prove the world is small, his dad lives in Glasgow, and he knows the captain of the ship taking us to our Fijian island. He also told us that we’d need to drink a bucket of Cava to get any effect, will have to remember that one! (Cava’s a mild narcotic Fijian drink)
Haight Street for dinner, where the hippy movement started off, although unless hippies have taken to talking to themselves and rummaging through bins, they were nowhere to be seen 🙂

San Francisco!


So we arrived yesterday about 9pm our time and 2pm local time, and after being told to “go pick a car, any car” we stumbled our way to the hotel. I was very tired but we tried to stay awake and experience some of the sights before going to bed so that we could combat the jet lag and make the most of our holiday!! We went for a wee cruise in our very cool convertible cruiser. Si drove off without a plan and just over an hour later (!) we found ourselves accidentally in the Fisherman’s wharf area. A very cool area – we caught a glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge (see the picture, it’s there somewhere…) and Alcatraz on the way and were greeted by a piper after we had parked!! They really pull out the stops for you here!
We woke up very early this morning and made ourselves waffles for breakfast at 7am – Si managed to resist the burgers and didn’t join the woman (American!?) who had her burgers on top of her waffle! We’re off to explore the sights today – what to wear? We have already seen the San Fran fog (leave off the cisco if you want to annoy the locals… 🙂 ) and oh my the wind!!!

It’s harder than you think…

Who would have thought that booking 3 nights accommodation in a city as big as San Francisco would be so difficult! 3 painful hours on dial-up Internet later, no booking has been made…03062007212_s  It is of course my own fault as I want a cheap few nights, somewhere free to park, close to the centre of the city, oh and a swimming pool too!

Vegas on the other hand is a completely different story – fancy 4-star hotels for £40 a night, I’m there!