On a jet plane

A day of airports and flights was not going to be the most exciting, but at least all the flight times were civilised, and allowed us to have a breakfast before heading off. Pretty much the main excitement of the trip was forcing ourselves to spend some tax refund money at Singapore airport (Caroline got stamps, I got blank DVDs, the sunglasses with built in camera and MP3 player were a tad too expensive). That, along with having front row seats on the plane to Delhi with lots of legroom and fancy on demand flight entertainment, only unusual as it’s the first Singapore Airlines flight where the TV worked.
We’d arranged to be picked up from the airport by our hotel, but then so had everyone else, which meant there were hundreds of notices with names on, except ours. An hour later we’d worked out there was another exit, found our lift to the hotel, and either we were very tired, or there was a rather large elephant walking down the motorway. What does India have in store for us?