Mini Taj

Side two of the golden triangle completed, and we’re in Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. Alas, it’s a Friday though and the Taj Mahal is closed, could be as it’s got a Mosque, but I reckon it’s so the marble tourist tat sellers can rope you in. Our guide took us around the Agra Fort, home to the king of the day, and similar to the Jaipur fort, with it’s various concubine passageways and public dispute courts. The Agra fort also has a couple of marble thrones overlooking the river, so we had a rest and felt like kings for a few minutes.
As a consolation for not being able to go to the real Taj Mahal today, we visited the Mini Taj, another mausoleum in Agra in a similar style to the Taj Mahal, just smaller, and the resting place of some relative to the queen in the big version. There’s obviously something about that family and big graves!
There was a definite feeling of us being in Agra during the off season. The restaurants were empty, with one owner even showing us a window through to his kitchen to prove how clean it was, but all it did was scare us slightly and made us move on to the next place.